Paper Loads Backward on the Encad NovaJet 880 Large Format Printer

Last Updated: September 06, 2007


When the printer is first turned on the carriage comes out and detects both right and left sides of the media, but when the carriage stops to find the front edge of the media, the media starts moving backwards and keeps on going. The motor continues to turn even though the media has already fallen out the back of the printer.


There is likely a scratch or paper dust in the cutter groove. The printer is trying to detect the front edge of the media and is interpreting the shininess of the scratch or the whiteness of the paper dust as media. Because the scratches or the paper dust remain after the media is completely removed, the motor continues to turn. If your cutter groove is scratched, paint over the scratch with flat black paint and a fine paintbrush or toothpick. If there is paper dust in your cutter groove, use compressed air to clean the cutter groove.