SOHO Windows System Administrator's Guide to a Secure Network


remote work from home
Prepare Your IT Infrastructure for Quarantine Telework/Work from Home

Easy actionable solutions to quickly set up and prepare your team and your IT environment to support remote workers.

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Panduit RJ-45 Block Out Device
Physical Security Tips

Simply physical security controls to secure your network.

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Wi-Fi is Ubiquitous, Yet Many Businesses Neglect Security

Simple steps to secure your wireless network from cyber criminals.

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USB Storage Device
Data Breach Is Costly. Prevent Data Exfiltration.

Prevent data exfiltration by disabling data transfer on USB ports on your endpoints.

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Block Malicious Ad Servers

Block malicious ad servers with HOSTS file.

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Set Up Enforced TLS Encryption

Enforced TLS encryption for a persistent and secure email connection - 24x7.

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What is an Email Message Header?

What is it and how to access email message headers.

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Analyzing Email Message Headers

How to check if an email message was encrypted by analyzing its message header.

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Mobile Device Policy

Secure your mobile endpoints with Microsoft 365 Mobile Device Policy.

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Smartphone Stolen? Wipe It - Remotely

Safeguard your data with remote device wipe & data delete.

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7-Zip File Encryption

File encryption with 7-Zip file archiver utility.

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Disaster Recovery
Hot, Warm, and Cold Data Backup

Implement a hot, warm, and cold data backup strategy for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

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Is Your Network Printer/Copier a Security Breach Waiting to Happen?

Network printer and copier security best practices.

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Are Your Sensitive Emails Sent Securely?

Ways to check if your sensitive emails are secure with the use of TLS encryption.

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USB Thumbdrives
Self-Encrypting Portable USB Drives

Alarming statistics show employees fail to follow best practices to protect USB hard drives. Is using USB drives a risk for your organization?

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NAS - A Secure File Server You Can Set Up in One Day

Easy solution for a secure file server for SOHO you can implement in one day.

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