Installing Printer Driver for the Xerox 8830 Wide-Format B&W Engineering on Windows XP

Last Updated: February 29, 2008


You need instructions for installing the printer driver for the Xerox 8830 wide-format B&W engineering printer on a Microsoft Windows XP computer.


  1. Go to Control Panel > Printers.
  2. Click on Add New Printer.
  3. Select Local Printer, un-check automatically detect printers and click Next.
  4. Click on Create a New Port, select standard TCP/IP Port and click Next.
  5. Click Next when the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard dialog box appears.
  6. Enter the IP address of the printer in the Printer Name or IP Address textbox (i.e.,
  7. The Port Name should automatically be populate with a name similar to your IP address entered in the previous textbox (i.e., IP_192.168.80.99). Click Next.
  8. Click Standard and Generic Network Card.
  9. Click Finish to close the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard dialog box.
  10. Click on Have Disk in the Add Printer Wizard dialog box and browse for the folder containing your printer drivers (i.e., 'Xerox 8830 HPGL2 Driver v10.0.4').
  11. Select the AccXes.inf file and click Next.
  12. Select the Xerox Wide Format 8830 from the list of printers and click Next.
  13. Check No to not use this printer as the default printer and click Next.
  14. Select Do Not Share This Printer and click Next.
  15. Select Do Not Print Test Page and click Finish.

Note: If prompted about unsigned drivers, just click on the Continue Anyways button.

Changing the Port Number from 9100 to 2000

This step is applicable if your technical contact requires it.

  1. Once the printer is installed, go to the Printer Properties dialog box for the printer.
  2. Click on the Ports tab.
  3. Select the Standard TCP/IP port the Xerox 8830 is using (i.e., IP_192.168.80.99 in our example) and click on Configure Port.
  4. Change the Port Number from 9100 to 2000 and making sure the protocol is set to Raw. Click OK.
  5. Go to the General tab and click a Print Test Page. Your test page should print.