How to Install Driver Software for the Encad NovaJet 850/880 Large Format Printer

Last Updated: September 06, 2007


You need step-by-step software driver installation instructions for the Encad NovaJet 850/880 on a computer running Microsoft Windows XP/2000.


To install the ENCAD driver in Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP:

  1. If the Add New Hardware Wizard appears on boot up of your computer, click CANCEL.
  2. Uninstall any ENCAD drivers that you have currently installed in your Printers folder.
  3. Save the driver file to your Desktop.
  4. Double-click on downloaded file to expand the driver files to C:\ENCAD\Drivers\ Version 6111.
  5. Go into the PRINTERS folder of your operating system, which can be accessed by going to Start Button> Settings > Printers.
  6. Choose Add A Printer.
  7. Designate what port the printer is connected to whether it is a print server address or an LPT parallel port.
  8. At the list of Manufacturers and Models, Choose HAVE DISK.
  9. Choose BROWSE and direct the Wizard to the folder C:\ENCAD\Drivers\ Version 6111.
  10. Click OK twice to bring up the revised list of Manufacturers and Models.
  11. Choose your ENCAD printer from the list.
  12. Continue the install as you would any printer.
  13. When you click Finish, a digital signature or compatibility message box will appear, choose Yes.
  14. Click Finish.
  15. After the driver is installed, go into Printing Preferences, click on About This Printer, and verify that the version number next to the file ENW2KUD.DLL is 6.1.11.