How to Configure AceBackup Software to Backup Data to an FTP Site

Last Updated: June 09, 2022


You want to know how to configure AceBackup v3, a free data backup Windows software, to automatically perform daily data backup of your computer files. Additionally, you want your data to be backed up to an FTP server on the Internet.


To configure AceBackup to automatically perform daily backup of your computers and to save the backed up data on an FTP server, perform the following step:

Creating Your Backup Project

  1. Launch the AceBackup application.
  2. Click File > New to launch the New Project Wizard dialog.
  3. Enter a project name (e.g., Daily Backup).
  4. Click the Add button to open the Volume Settings dialog box to specify the destination for your backup files.
  5. Under System, select FTP Server from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter the server IP address (or hostname) of your FTP server.
  7. Enter the network port number use by your FTP server (typically 21).
  8. For Directory, enter the folder path of your FTP server where your backup files are to be uploaded to.
  9. Provide the username and password to be use to authentic to the FTP server
  10. Click the Setting button to open the AceBackup Options dialog box.
  11. Click on the E-Mail Settings tab and configure, if needed, your automated email notification. Once completed, click OK to close the AceBackup Options dialog box.
  12. Click OK to close the Volume Settings dialog box.
  13. Click Next on the New Project Wizard dialog box.
  14. For Files Format, select Store Files "AS IS".
  15. Click Next.
  16. For Default Action on Name Collision, select Replace existing file(s).
  17. In the File Types section, define any file extensions you wish to include or exclude from the data backup process. Seperate each extension with a semicolon (e.g., *.png; *.jpg; *.pdf)
  18. In Log File section, place a checkmark next to Maintain log file.
  19. For Report by Email, select Send Always from the drop-down list.
  20. For Report Content, select Complete report from the drop-down list.
  21. Click Next.
  22. In the Advanced Setting, click the Schedule button.
  23. Click New and configure your backup schedule accordingly (e.g, daily at 11PM). Then click OK. A new task will be created in your Windows Task Scheduler to trigger the daily automatic backup process.
  24. If prompted, provide an Username and Password to create a user account on your computer.
  25. Click Next.
  26. Click Finish. A test will automatically be performed to verify AceBackup can successfully establish a connection to your FTP server.

Adding Files to your Backup Project

Once you have created your backup project, you now will need to add the computer files or folders that you want to back up.

  1. If not already, launch AceBackup v3 and, at the bottom pane, open the backup project you just created above.
  2. On the top pane of AceBackup, find the files or folders you want to want to back up. For each file or folder, right-click and select "Add to Backup". As you add each file and folder, they will appear on the bottom pane.
  3. Once your files and folders are add, click on the Process button to perform the back up now.
  4. Connect to your FTP server and verify your files are copied.