Faulty Cartridge Message on the Encad NovaJet 850/880 Large Format Printer

Last Updated: September 06, 2007


You get the error message "Faulty Cartridge" on the Encad NovaJet 850/880 printer when you try to print.


The message is an informational message letting you know that you may experience a cartridge failure in the color that is referenced in the message. You do not have to replace the cartridge when you receive that message.

To avoid this message regarding your cartridges, in the menu structure of the printer, go into SETUP MENU > PRINT MODE MENU > INK OPTION MENU > INK CONTROL MENU and change the setting to PREHEAT. Then exit all the way to the main menu.

Then go into SETUP MENU > USER SETTINGS MENU > SAVE USER and save the setting under one of the user numbers. This will save the printer settings when the machine is turned off.