Changing IP Address in UNIX for Xerox DocuTech

Last Updated: March 26, 2007


How to change the IP Address in UNIX for Xerox DocuTech.


  1. At desktop, goto Terminal window and login as superuser by typing "su" at prompt.
  2. Enter your password. (default is: service!)
  3. At the "OK" prompt, type "boot". System will reboot and launch configuration at startup.
  4. Enter "dt6135" (or a name of your choosing) for Hostname.
  5. Enter "Yes" for Networked.
  6. Enter the assigned IP for IP Address.
  7. Enter "None" for Name Server.
  8. Enter "Yes" for Subnet.
  9. Enter your network subnet make (typically for Subnet Mask.
  10. Enter "US" for Region.
  11. Enter "Eastern" for Time Zone.