Adobe® PDF Creation

Meridian Outpost offers businesses the ability to convert ther hardcopy documents or digital doucments into the popular Adobe® PDF file format (also known as e-document). PDF is a industry-standard computer file format used to easily distribute and store important business document electronically.

PDF files behaves just like any computer file. You can copy your PDF documents onto CDs, DVDs, USB thumbdrives or e-mail them as attachments.

PDF format is great for e-mailing estimates, invoices or contracts. Unlike plain text files, Microsoft® Word files or other file in editable formats, PDF allows your digital documents to be secured and prevent others from making changes to your files.

PDF is also great for long-term document storage. Instead of storing boxes of your important business documents, Meridian Outpost can easily digitize them into electronic documents that can be easily stored onto CDs or DVDs.

Adobe provides Acrobat Reader at no charge to view and print PDF documents. To download a copy of Acrobat Reader or to check on the availability of an updated version, please visit Adobe's website.

For more information on the benefits of Adobe PDF document, please read Benefits of Adobe PDF File Format.

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