OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scanning

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning is the process of digitizing a hardcopy document or a uneditable digital file (such as a scanned picture of a document) into a computer file that can then be editable with a word processing program such as Microsoft® Word®.

Depending on the quality and condition of your original hardcopy document, you can typically expect to see 98% optical character recognition accuracy. This means minimum correction is required.

Once you have a digital version of your document, you can easily print and e-mail it quickly and easily. As with any digital file, you can easily store and create a backup copy your document for future revision or printing. Contact us to further discuss this service.

Benefits and Features

  • Convert hardcopy document into editable computer file
  • Save time from having to recreate and re-type your document
  • Your digital file editable with industry-standard word processing software
  • Up to 98% accuracy typical*
  • Easily print multiple copies from your digital file
  • Easily e-mail and distribute your digital file
  • Digital file is more cost effective

* Accuracy of OCR scanning is based on the quality and condition of your original document, type face used for the printed characters, the color of the paper, along with other factors. Hand written documents are not good candidates for OCR scanning.


CZUR Book & Document Scanner with Smart OCR

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