Hard Drive Data Recovery

Lost critical files? Can't access your hard drive? Need to recovery your hard drive data quick?

Meridian Outpost provides a safe, secure and confidential data recovery service for our customers. We support a variety of hard drive types. Meridian Outpost will make every effort to recover as much of your data as possible regardless whether your data lost was caused by:

  • mechanical failure
  • viruses
  • spyware
  • accidental deletion
  • electrical anomalies
  • environmental factor or
  • other factors

Maximize your chance of a successful data recvoery by following tips in our article Preserving and Recovering Data from a Hard Drive.

The first recovery attempt is always the best recovery attempt. Meridian Outpost use non-invasive, proven method to ensure your data is not lost from repeated recovery attempts. We focus on finding you the most affordable and quickest data recovery solutions possible.

Our Data Recovery Process

  1. Evaluation - Determine exact failure of your drive(s) and recommend best course of action.
  2. Recovery - A recovery specialist will perform necessary repairs to restore function of your drive and perform data extraction on to one of our secure storage arrays.
  3. Media Transfer - Once the recovery is performed, your data will be transferred to media of your choosing. (i.e. CD, DVD, External Drive)

Troubled Hard Drive? Lost Data? We Can Help!

  • Recover lost data from a failing hard drive, virus infection, spyware infection, accidentally file deletions or hard drive formatting.
  • No limitation on the type of files we can recovery. We recover documents, databases, pictures, accounting files, spread sheets, music and much more. If we "see" them, we'll recover them.
  • No third-party involvement. The recovery process is performed in our facility and your data will remain confidential.
  • We use non-invasive recovery method. Any applicable warranty on your hard drive will not be voided.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Quick turnaround.