Computer Networking Services

Meridian Outpost provides computer networking assistance aimed in assisting small businesses and SOHO's in creating a more centralized computing environment.

Creating a computer network for your business allows for the sharing of resources among your computer users. With a Microsoft® Windows® network, users can share printers and files. This minimizes the need to purchase multiple printers and the occurrence of multiple versions of the same file.

With a computer network, not only can mission-critical files be storaged centrally on a 'server' for easy access, these files can now be backed up daily with a robust data backup scheme.

Meridian Outpost works with networking equipment for either smail to medium size businesses. Meridian Outpost will acquire, install and set up the networking equipment that will work within your budget as your computing needs. Our access to a wide vareity of networking equipment helps ensure your network wil be reliable, manageable and scalable.

Contact us to inquire how a computer network will help your business run more efficiently.

Note: This specialized service is provided to existing customers of Meridian Outpost and whose account is in good standing or to new customers with direct referral or pre-approval.

Benefits and Features

  • CompTIA & Microsoft Certified Professional
  • No computer networking knowledge required
  • Easily share your files and printers
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Access to a variety of networking equipment
  • Wired or wireless networking
  • Premise wiring service available
  • Network hardware installation
  • Data and power protection & backup
  • Multi-user capable
  • Easy-to-use, automated backup solution
Microsoft Certified Professional
CompTIA Certified Professional
Computer Network Services