Reset 'Toner Life End' Message on a Brother FAX-2820

Last Updated February 24, 2007


You get a message indicating toner cartridge is at its end of life despite the fact the you may have replaced the toner cartridge with a new one on a Brother FAX-2820 fax machine or similar.


To manually reset this message, follow these steps:

  1. Open the cover to access the toner cartridge and drum unit.
  2. Remove toner cartridge unit.
  3. Check for a semi-circle groove with a white tab on the toner/drum unit. If you do not see this, this procedure may not work for you.
  4. Replace the toner/drum unit back into the fax machine.
  5. Press the Option button.
  6. Press the Start button.
  7. Enter '10' on the keypad and a message on the LCD should read 'Accepted.'
  8. Close the cover.
  9. The error message should disappear and your fax machine is ready for use.