Digital Document Remastering

If you have old documents, poorly copied documents or documents that can benefit from a little 'cleaning', Meridian Outpost's Digital Document Remastering service can help.

Meridian Outpost can take your hardcopy documents or your scanned documents in PDF format and digitally process them to give you a cleaner more professional looking piece (see example below).

We've all seen excess black toner on photocopied documents from the copier lid left opened. We've all also seen skewed documents from improper alignment during photocopying. Meridian Outpost can digitize your hardcopy documents or take your scanned documents in PDF format and digitally remaster them to look the best it can. Your documents can even be paginated to make navigating and searching for a specific page fast and easy for your readers.

Once your document is digitally remastered, Meridian Outpost provides you with a electronic document file in PDF format ready for viewing and printing from any computer using the freely available Adobe® Acrobat Reader software.

Adobe provides Acrobat Reader at no charge to view and print PDF documents. To download a copy of Acrobat Reader or to check on the availability of an updated version, please visit Adobe's website.

Contact us to find out how we can help you make your documents look its best.

For more information on the benefits of Adobe PDF document, please read Benefits of Adobe PDF File Format.

Benefits and Features of
Digital Document Remastering

  • Works with hardcopy or digital PDF documents
  • Each page cleaned and deskewed to provide you with a higher quality version
  • Clean pages reduce toner cost and minimize paper jams when printing or copying
  • PDF document can be centrally stored for easy access across your company's network or the Internet
  • Distributing clean looking documents to your employees and customers help portray your company's professionalism and dedication to quality



Document Remastering - Before & After

Tilted page and excess toner

Page "deskewed" and unwanted
elements removed