Audio/Video Digitizing

Meridian Outpost can take your analog audio (audio cassette tape) or video (VHS tape) and convert them into digital files. With digital files, you can easily distribute, store, listen or view the recordings with ease. Digital files are stored in industry accepted, non-proprietary file formats for easy playback. Hours of digital audio and video files can be easily stored in one CD-ROM or DVD±R disc, saving you precious storage and desk space.

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Convert your Video to DVD format for easy replication and distribution. Get professional-looking DVDs with your company logo in full-color with our CD/DVD Duplication and Imprinting service.

Benefits and Features of Digital Audio & Video

  • Easy to distribute and view
  • No degradation in quality from generation loss
  • No fast-forwarding or rewind. Instantly jump to your video scene or audio segment
  • Reduced storage space
  • Reduced mailing cost
  • Longer media longevity
  • Professional grade media


  • Digitize audio of your meetings and notes for easy distribution and archival
  • Digitize video of your conferences, sales meetings, training session, product installations, video tours for the archives or make it available on your website for others to view.
  • Give out your home VHS videos in DVD format as gifts for holidays and special occasions.
Accepted Analog Media Source Available Digital File Formats
  • Mini-DV
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Standard Audio Cassette
  • Audio Microcassette
  • .avi
  • .mp3 (audio only)
  • .mpg
  • .swf (Macromedia® Flash)
  • .wav (audio only)

Storage Media Available:

  • CD-R
  • DVD±R
  • Zip® 100MB/250MB