Benefits of Adobe® PDF File Format

Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a worldwide accepted industry format for distributing, viewing and archiving business documents electronically.

What makes PDF document format widely used and popular are the following business benefits:

<>PDF Benefits:

  • >PDF documents always look exactly the same, for all senders and receivers of a document. Unlike native word processing documents, there's no re-pagination or missing font issues.
  • >PDF file format is very compact, so file size is small enough to easily e-mail to your recipients.
  • >PDF documents is viewable by any computer platforms (Apple® Macintosh®, Microsoft® Windows® or any flavor of the UNIX® operating system).
  • >PDF files (created from either digital files or scanned from hard copy) can be made searchable. This allow anyone the ability to easily find the exact PDF pages containing your keyword or phrase. This makes sifting through pages of documents to find what you are looking for efficiently and accurately.
  • >PDF documents can be magnified hundreds of times, with minimal degradation of quality, making it easier to read or view fine details.
  • >No need to purchase software. Adobe Acrobat® Reader is available at no charge from Adobe's website.
  • >PDF documents act as color, electronic fax machines but with much higher quality and speed. Documents can be distributed worldwide for practically no cost and can then be printed in any quantity anywhere.
  • >PDF file format is ideal for archiving, since the look and feel of documents is retained and the document size is compact.
  • >PDF file format is essential for business documents like agreements and forms that must retain their exact appearance for legal reasons. For example, this may apply to application forms, tax returns, licence agreements, tender documents, quotations, invoices and logos.

Adobe provides Acrobat Reader software to view and print PDF documents. Most computers purchased today already have Acrobat Reader pre-installed for you. If you need a copy of Acrobat Reader or want to check on the availablility of a newer version,
please visit Adobe's website
for your free download.

All these advantages translate into faster, costly effective and easier viewing, navigating, storing and printing of your business documents. Digital, document workflow throughout your company can become more reliable, with PDF documents maintaining their high quality, regardless of where they are sent or who views the documents. PDF is truly a global, document exchange format.

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